Criminal Lawyer in Ottawa

Areas of Criminal Law

A Criminal lawyer in Ottawa can help you with these types of cases:

Impaired Driving / Over 80 / DUI Fail to Provide Breath Sample
Drug Possession Drug Trafficking
Theft Fraud
Simple Assault Domestic Assault
Sexual Assault Assault causing Bodily Harm, Aggravated Assault
Weapons Charges Breach of Probation
Breach of Conditions Breach of Recog
Obstruction of a Police officer    Obstruction of Justice
Homicide Cases (Murder & Manslaughter) Major Case: Jury Trials Etc.
Dangerous Driving Impersonation
Mischief Proceeds of Crime
All Criminal Charges Provincial Offences
Highway Traffic Act Offenses City Bylaw Infractions
A Criminal Lawyer in Ottawa can also do the following Proceedings:
Bail Hearings Summary Conviction Appeals
Indictable Appeals Provincial Offences Appeals
Charter Applications Criminal Writs (Injunctions, Mandamus, Certiorari etc.)

DUI, Theft, Weapons Charges, Homicide Cases & Mischief Defences

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