Highway Traffic Act Lawyer in Ottawa

Highway Traffic Act charges in Ottawa are not dealt with in Criminal Court but rather in the Ontario Court of Justice in Ottawa in the ‘traffic court’ which is more properly known as Provincial Offences Court which is located at 100 Constellation Crescent in the City of Ottawa. Of course, a Criminal Lawyer can usually help you in these proceedings. In Ottawa, charges under the HTA can range from very minor traffic tickets (i.e. bylaw, speeding, red light, careless driving etc.) to much more serious charges such as driving with a suspended licence, driving without insurance, stunt driving and careless driving with serious accidents or fatalities. These serious charges can result in jail and license suspensions.

If you have been charged with such an offense, you should speak with an Ottawa Lawyer who can point you in the right direction and see if there is a defense to your infraction.

Speeding Tickets & Traffic Court Lawyer

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