Drug Lawyer in Ottawa – Possession, Trafficking – Search and Seizure

Have you been charged with a drug related offence in Ottawa? Whether it’s the possession of a small amount of marijuana / weed / pot, or something more serious like cocaine, crack, and even if you have been charged with trafficking, grow operations or any other drug offence a Criminal Lawyer in Ottawa can help you.

Sometimes in drug cases, search and seizure is a live issue for having the charge dismissed or evidence excluded in an Ottawa drug case. Whether it be an unlawful search of a person, or a search warrant improperly issued, a criminal lawyer in Ottawa can help you understand your rights.

A drug charge is very serious and for this reason you should consult a criminal defence lawyer who practices in Ottawa. An Ottawa Criminal Lawyer will know how to deal with the federal crown and also how to advise you on the ability of the Crown to prove the case against you.

Drug Possession & Trafficking Lawyer

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