Criminal Lawyer in Ottawa for Assault, Sexual Assault, Domestic Assault and other charges

There are many different kinds of Assaults. If you have been charged with Assault in Ottawa, then you should consider hiring a Criminal Lawyer. An assault can be the result of a bar fight, or as the result of a domestic dispute. It can involve other offences such as uttering threats or death threats. A sexual assault (rape or other kinds of sexual assaults) can occur in many situations and sometimes the wrong person is charged, or in other cases there are certain defences which exist to sexual assault.

For certain assaults, there are often solutions available such as peace bond and even in some cases diversion can be an option in Ottawa.

Simple, Vehicular, Sexual & Domestic Assault Lawyer

Domestic assaults also pose a set of difficulties in that the person who alleges the assault (the complainant) is not to be contacted or associated with. These non communication and non association conditions can sometimes be a hardship especially when both parties want to resume contact. Pleading guilty is never a good thing to do if you are not guilty even if you just want to 'get it over with'. Speak with an Ottawa Criminal Defence lawyer who can point you in the right direction and represent your interests.

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