Criminal Lawyer in Ottawa to do a Bail Hearing

Often when someone is arrested and charged with an offence in Ottawa, the police will release them right away. However sometimes, due to the seriousness or gravity of the charge, the circumstances of the alleged offender, or other relevant factors, the person is held in jail before dealing with their charge. If this happens, the person is entitled to a special hearing known as a bail hearing or “show cause” hearing. At this hearing, the prosecutor will have to “show cause” (give a reason) why the person should be kept in jail. Having a Criminal Lawyer from Ottawa can help argue against this and get you or your loved one out of jail.

In certain cases, the onus is reversed and the person in custody will need to show why they should be released. Once again having a Criminal Lawyer can be of great assistance.

Also, you may need to have a "bail hearing" even if you are not in jail but you want to vary the terms or conditions of your bail imposed by the police officer. These bail variations are done before Justices of the Peace in Ottawa.

If a bail hearing is not successful for the accused person there is always the option of a Bail Review to the Superior Court of Justice. Also, if your initial bail was on consent in Court but you want a bail variation after, you also need to apply to the Superior Court in Ottawa. Due to the technical legal nature of this type of proceeding, it is wise to find a Criminal Lawyer in Ottawa to help you.

Bail & Show Cause Hearing

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