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Many people do not realize that an appeal is actually not a new trial. Instead, it is a proceeding in a higher Court where a person usually argues that the court below made a mistake of law (or sometimes of fact). If the trial is held in the Ontario Court of Justice in Ottawa, as a "Summary Conviction matter", then the Appeal is to the Superior Court of Justice (Summary Conviction Appeal) also in the Ottawa Jurisdiction. For charges in Ottawa a Criminal Lawyer is always your best bet for drafting and arguing an appeal.

If the matter was originally an indictable matter than the Appeal is to the Ontario Court of Appeal (which is the highest Court in Ontario). Unlike the trial which takes place in Ottawa, the Appeal would be at the Court of Appeal in Toronto.

If your matter was originally a Provincial Offences hearing in the Ontario Court (lower Court) with a Justice of the Peace presiding in Ottawa (for example Highway Traffic Charges) then an Appeal is to the Ontario Court of Justice presided over by a Judge, also in Ottawa.

Appeals Lawyers for Criminal & Conviction Appeals

Appealing an Appeal is usually a very rare thing but it can be done in some unique circumstances. An appeal of an appeal in Ottawa  is made to the Ontario Court of Appeal and it is very wise to hire a Criminal Lawyer. Of course if the first appeal is in the Ontario Court of Appeal than that appeal would be to the Supreme Court of Canada.

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