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The Charter of Rights is part of the Canadian Constitution and is therefore the Supreme Law of Canada. It comes before all other law and so if it is violated, none of the laws, police acts, or court actions which allow the violations should be allowed in principle. This applies to all criminal cases in Ottawa. Of course there are very technical exceptions to the rule. If you have a Charter case in Ottawa you should strongly consider hiring a Criminal Lawyer.

Sometimes a Charter case alleges that  a particular law is contrary to the Charter. In other cases, the police do things improperly such as illegally search a person, arbitrarily detain a person,or otherwise violate a person’s right to speak to a Criminal Lawyer in Ottawa or elsewhere in Ontario. Even the Court can be responsible for a breach of the Charter by permitting a case to take an unreasonable amount of time and allowing such a case to proceed to a verdict.

Moreover there are special kinds of Charter Applications outside of the trial court. These applications are special writs to the Superior Court. Due to the technical nature of these and other applications, a person is wise to hire a Criminal Lawyer in Ottawa to argue such constitutional cases in Ottawa.

Charter Cases Lawyer for Charter Violations

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